My Husband Is My Best Girlfriend

By | March 11, 2020

I have never said anything to anybody, but the glamorous girl that you see me around town with is in fact my husband in drag. He looks so good that you would never for one moment suspect that he is a man. Most women would probably not be comfortable with going out with their husbands in drag, but it does not bother me one bit. I have known habit his habit of dressing up as a woman for a long time. We first met on a London escorts date, and for whatever reason, he was comfortable around me straight away. I was happy to be around him as well.

We carried on seeing each other at cheap London escorts for a while. That was really good. We got to know each other before we became a real life couple as we like to call it. Although my husband has a feminine side, he is not gay. I had already realised that when we met at London escorts. He is just one of those men who like to dress up as a woman. What I really admire about him is that he has the guts to do. Even his work colleagues know that he likes to dress up in drag.

Does he dress up all of the time when we go out? No, I have to say that he does not dress up all of the time in drag. He only does so when he “feels the need” as he likes to say. The truth is that he looks so good as a woman that most people do not think that he is a bloke in drag. I have met other men at London escorts who like to dress up in drag, but they do not look as good as my husband.

Leaving London escorts to get married was rather a big decision in many ways. I know many London escorts who have left and bitterly regretted it afterward. But, I have not regretted it for one moment. I was not sure what I wanted to do, so I just took some time out. Now I work for a Soho radio station and what I do really fits in with our lifestyle. My husband is perfectly comfortable to walk into our offices in drag. The fact that we live in Soho probably helps a lot.

Do I think that our relationship is going to last? I do think that our relationship is going to last. The thing is that we have so much fun together as a couple. Instead of being a boring relationship, it is one of those really exciting ones and that helps a lot. Many of my London escorts friends are stuck in really boring relationships. That is something that I don’t have to worry about at all. Thanks to my lifestyle, and my husband’s lifestyle, we have a really exciting life and I love every moment of it. There is nothing about my life that I would like to change.

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