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By | May 4, 2020

There are some sex toys which are more popular than others, and a lot of people do have their firm favorites. Some people find that old favorites still give them the most satisfaction. However, there are some interesting new ones to try. Lots of the girls here at Knightsbridge escorts of like to use toys, and I am sure that adding them to their private sex lives, have made them more exciting.

Remote Control Sex Toys

Technology has moved on in all areas of our daily lives. More and more stuff is now controlled by remote control, and the same goes for sex toys. A couple of girls here at Knightsbridge escorts have invested in remote control sex toys.

You can now control love eggs and vibrators by remote control, and this is becoming an increasingly popular option. A remote control toy is just as likely to give you a satisfying experience as the standard version. Besides, sometimes they can be even more fun.

Believe it or not, but there is now even a vibrator which you can plug into a computer port to be charged up. This might be the ideal choice for a lady traveler on her own. One of the girls here at Knightsbridge escorts purchased one, and she loves it.

Who uses sex toys

Sex toys are often a bit of taboo subject, something we don’t talk about a lot. In fact, both men and women are attracted to toys and they have a long history. Their history goes as far back as to ancient Egypt where many different types of toys have been found. Dildos in particular seem to have been very popular. Of course. Knightsbridge escorts know that sex toys are totally different today.

Some say that women are more attracted to toys than men. A lot of women do use vibrators alone at home, and women are probably the biggest buyers of toys. We should not be worried about using toys as part of our sex lives. They can be both fun and very satisfying. Toys often form part of role play and many of our fantasies.

There are many different ways of buying sex toys. The most popular way is probably now using the internet. There are some excellent sites available. The girls here at Knightsbridge escorts have explored some of them, and they seem to think that the main advantage of buying online is discretion.  You don’t need worry about your next door neighbor knowing you what you have bought. Everything is delivered in neutral packaging, and there are no obvious labels which can indicate the nature of your purchase.  Maybe you should try it yourself one day. Like so many of the girls here at Knightsbridge escorts say. There are so many exciting new things to discover these days, and not all of them can be found in the shops. A lot of sites offer free shipping, so you don’t even have to worry about paying for petrol to drive to the shops.

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