Autographed Books for Sale
Published by The Blackstaff Press
in 2010, now out of print. A small
number of copies still available
from this site: signed, €12 post free
This is a novel, very well
received and very popular.
The Coffin Master :
Short Stories
Published in 2000 by Blackstaff
Press in Belfast; now out of print..
Signed by John F. Deane
from a review in the Irish Times, by Jack Hanna:

"There is an invigorating incisiveness in most of Deane's prose that gives a stronger
pleasure than most so-called entertainments. With poetic precision, the craving of
emptiness of the heart, the tang of rugges seascape settings and the 'gapped an
broken and empty mouths' of the many old people who inhabit these pages are
sketched. There is humour, too, and especially in the shorter stories, Deane deftly
captures the tone of voice and twist of language of his characters. . . This is risk-taking
writing in which vivid characterisation and a host of memorable phrases and images
draw one in. . . Strong themes, so, from Deane - played out without a safety net in sight"
"Il Profilo della Volpe sul Vetro" is a translation
into Italian of the book
Christ with Urban Fox,
with other poems, by John F. Deane, translated
by Roberto Cogo and published in Italy in 2002.
The Book is in dual-language format, English
poems faced by the translations. The publication
won a prize for the best foreign poetry, in Sicily.
There are a few copies, signed by John F.
Deane, available at a cost of €10, postage free.
The Poetry Books
"Manhandling the Deity"
Carcanet UK 2003
signed €12 post free