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"Il Profilo della Volpe sul Vetro" is a
translation into Italian of the book
Christ with Urban Fox, with other
poems, by John F. Deane, translated
by Roberto Cogo and published in
Italy in 2002. The Book is in dual-
language format, English poems faced
by the translations. The publication
won a prize for the best foreign
poetry, in Sicily. There are a few
copies, signed by John F. Deane,
available at a cost of €10, postage free.
"The Coffin Master" is a collection of
short stories, published in 2000 by The
Blackstaff Press and now out of print.
Comment: "In this new collection of
fourteen short stories, the widely
acclaimed Irish writer John F. Deane is
working at the height of his powers. The
writing, an extraordinary blend of sure
craftsmanship and breathtaking risks,
will confirm his reputation for honouring
the great Irish storytelling tradition even
as he reshapes and renews it." Some
copies are available, signed by John F.
Deane, at a cost of €10, postage free.